5 Silly Mistakes In Movie 'Rustom', We're Surprised That No One Noticed!

Here we are going to point out some of the mistakes that director 'Tinu Suresh Desai' had made in his recently released movie 'Rustom'. Let's check it out!

He is wearing a white shirt when sentenced for 1 day jail.

And, next day when he came out of the jail, he was also wearing coat and tie.

The revolver was lying beneath his hand.

But in next shot, revolver was shown beside his hand.

The officer was standing when given a document to sign.

He was shown sitted in next shot, where he takes the document.

The envelope containing gun was on bed.

But when Rustom has to fire, it was shown on the floor.

There was no Indian flag on the ship.

But, suddenly the flag appears in background.

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