Shah Rukh And Salman Khan Are Not The Richest Stars Of Bollywood. Can You Guess Who Is?

When it comes to the most richest star of 'Bollywood', then you generally took the name of Salman, Shah Rukh or Amitabh Bachchan. But you were not right at all because they came on the 2nd or at further positions. But today we are going to  reveal the most richest star of the Bollywood. So, read on the article to know who is that Bollywood actor who came 1st in the list! 

If you think that Khan's are the most richest actors of Bollywood then you were wrong!

Not even the Bournvita boy, Hrithik Roshan?

Even Sahenshah of Bollywood is also not came 1st in the list!

Oh No! He is also not the guy whom you thing about!

And here comes Akshay. The Khiladi of Bollywood. Is he the most Bankable celeb?

The picture itself says ''Yes! You're right.

Akshay Kumar, the Rustom of Bollywood is the most Bankable star of Bollywood. Though Akshay's movies may not have entered the 200 Crore club yet, his films release at regular interval of time and earns about 80-90 Crores. Aki gives at least four films in a year, and he makes sure to look that the quantity of films he does, does not affect the quality of films. Whereas the Khans work in one or two movies in a year and earns around 100-200 Crores and that too sometimes go flop.

So, according to this Akshay is the Richest star of Bollywood!

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