7 Bollywood Hot Scenes That Were Fake! Can You Believe #6?

Most of the talked scenes of Bollywood have been executed using body doubles instead of the main original actors. Have a look at the list and know about those scenes shot using doublesa

Ek Chhotisi Love story

The movie was all about a young boy's desire for an older woman and that role of the older woman was played by Manisha Koirala. She claimed that a body double was used. Well, I watched the complete film thinking it was her.

London Paris New York

The film 'London Paris New York' included kissing scenes which were shot using the double of actor 'Ali Zafar'. Ali Zafar included the condition of 'No Kissing' scene in his contract.


This was the first movie that introduced the concept of homo-sexuality. The sensuous shots taken between Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi were the controversial moments of the film.

Ek Paheli Leela

Sunny Leone, the Bollywood actress does follow one rule and that 'she prefers performing all the hot and bold scenes of films with her husband Daniel Weber. The actor Mohit Ahlawat was replaced by her husband Daniel.

7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon Maaf starred Priyanka Chopra (PC). One of the film scenes included dropping her back and exposing her back. The audience believed that they will get to see 'PC's' bare back. The reality was quite different... It was PC's body double who was made to expose her back. I feel sorry for you people.


Even though Mallika Sherawat denied the fact that a body double was used but the co-producer of the film claimed that some of the sensuous scenes were shot using one.

Bandit Queen

Seema Biswas was awarded for the role of 'Phoolan Devi' in this film. It is believed that the scene that included fetching water after being gang raped.

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