6 Things Every Girl Does After a Breakup!

The things she does after a breakup are all part of the “recovery” process post-heartbreak. Don’t question it, and don’t even THINK about calling her crazy or erratic unless you want some trouble.

Going on an eating binge!

She’ll want to eat everything. Not just ice cream and chocolate, but she’ll eat anything you put in front of her. Crying works up an appetite, apparently.

Drink like a fish!

Partying and hanging out with her girls is an essential part of the process. And essential to this, is some good wine, preferably white.

Venting out!

All the stuff she’s been bottling up and holding in will need to be released. And the closest friend will serve as a great shoulder.

Binge watch everything!

All the movies and TV shows she has missed over the course of her relationship, need to be caught up on. Be sure that she’s doing so.

Exercise, exercise and exercise!

She’ll be up and running, quite literally, to ensure that she doesn’t turn into a little hermit.

Stalking the ex!

There’s withdrawal from her partner. This can only be combatted with some expert Facebook and Instagram stalking of him and all his friends.

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