8 Times Ranveer Singh Showed He Is The Craziest Star From Bollywood!

A Few years ago, Bollywood got a promising newcomer, we know him as Ranveer Singh. He was good looking, could act well and do everything you expect from a Hindi film hero but he had this unusual boyish charm that made him a Bollywood darling in the years that followed.

Recently he went to Switzerland and sang Pardesi Pardesi and confused the out of tourists that what he is upto.

When his buddy Hrithik Roshan gave him a dare to promote his film Bang Bang, what Ranveer did was shockingly hilarious.

He donned the famous Krish costume and danced in the middle of the street. Now that’s a daring act, no other star can afford to do.

Another day, another stunt and this too was for Hrithik.

Ranveer Singh mocked Tahir Shah by making a Dubsmash video of him doing an “eye to eye”. I have to admit, it was funny.

Being the jabra Fan with Shahrukh Khan.

Ranveer did a dubsmash of him dancing to ‘Jabra’ while Shahrukh plays the superstar he is.

Ranveer was on the Red Carpet of HT Style Awards 2016

And that’s when Anil Kapoor and it didn’t take him 2 seconds to do the signature Anil Kapoor Dance steps.

Agreeing to be roasted.

Ranveer came on board to be roasted by AIB was itself a crazy decision to make. The whole a panel of 9 people roasted him and Arjun Kapoor and he took it all in good sport.

Ranveer went for the Screening of Sultan and in the middle of a scene, he jumped to the projection screening and started dancing to one of the songs of the movie.

Everybody laughed but apparently, Salman was infuriated with it.

Dubsmashing Anil Kapoor in the craziest Possible way.

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