This Bollywood Actor Had To Travel In Mumbai Local With His Wife!

Lately, the superstar of the Bollywood, Anil Kapoor with his wife was spotted commuting in Mumbai local due to heavy traffic jam. See in the pictures, how he tried to look merely someone in the crowd, not Anil Kapoor himself.

Isn't he very clever?

Anil Kapoor proudly tweeted this after escaping the Mumbai traffic jams.

He is looking like a thief who got arrested by the cops.

The journey of 20 mins made him feel nostalgia.

This is how people think, Anil would look like when he gets older.

Ohh sorry, I got out of track but what to do, I'm fond of Anil sir and whenever I see something related to him, I get mad!

He has grown younger with all these passing years.

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