Why Fans In The US Have 4 Blades While Fans In India Have 3?

Everything happens for a purpose, but we always fail to analyze the reason behind small things around us.  Ever watched your ceiling fan for two minutes? Did you ever wonder why does a ceiling fan have 3, 4, or 6 blades? Here's the logic behind it. 

Ceiling fans with four blades are popularly found in the US.

Fans with three blades are found in every Indian household.

There is a scientific answer to this question.

The aim of the ceiling fan in the US is to supplement the air conditioner.

Four blades fan moves slower than three blades fan.

The four blades fan serves the purpose of giving a good amount of air in the room.

It helps to keep the air circulating in the room.

Whereas in India, a fan is a sole object that is used for the cooling effect.

The three blades fans work at a higher speed than the four blades one.

It mainly serves the purpose of keeping the room cool.

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