This Bollywood Actor Is Mad For A Victoria's Secret Model, Who Is She?

Anil Kapoor's son, Harshvardhan is making his Bollywood debut with the movie 'Mirzya' very soon. He's supremely talented, good looking and has got some exotic choices when it comes to women. Although, his first crush will always be our very own Quantico beauty, Priyanka Chopra, but recently he has turned crazy for a Victoria's Secret model. 

Let's check out more about this hunky actor and his new crush. 

Meet Harshvardhan Kapoor.

Along with being super hot, he's making his Bollywood debut very soon.

He's starring in a movie called 'Mirzya'.

He was recently asked about the type of women he goes for and he definitely pointed out a gorgeous Victoria's Secret model. Let's take a look at her.

That's Kelly Gale.

Isn't she sizzling?

A Victoria's Secret model.

Our very own Harshvardhan Kapoor thinks she's one of the most beautiful women in the world today.

She's part Indian.

Kelly has her roots in Swedish-Australian along with having Indian descent.

Harshvardhan gushed about this beauty.

Apart from modeling, Kelly has also appeared in a music video.

So what are you waiting for?

Go on and follow her on Instagram right now!

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