This Bollywood Actress Is Nailing The Bikini Game On Instagram!

VJ turned Bollywood actress Shenaz Treasury is also a TV host, writer, and a travel vlogger. She made a debut entry in Bollywood with her cute and sexy looks in the movie Ishq Vishq.

Although she kind of disappeared after that movie and was not able to make a successful survival in the Bollywood, but here we have something for you to go gaga for her.

She has always been pretty.

But we were kind of unaware about her hotness.

No doubt, she will leave every man gasping.

Woah!! Like every girl, she also looks voluptuous.

Now let us talk something about her apart from the hotness thing.

She is also famous for writing a powerful letter to Mr. Narendra Modi...

..... which was on women's safety.

For which she was extremely appreciated.

Shenaz is currently travelling around the globe.

These pictures are from her Instagram account!

Please keep updating your pictures.

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