SRK And Gauri Khan's Amazing Love Story Will Take Your Breath Away

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of romance has the most beautiful love story you will ever hear about. The story is not a fantasy but one which many of us would relate too. They both have spent amazing 20 years with each other and believe me they have an amazing story to share.

So get ready to know whether the king of romance was romantic back in his good old days or not!

Their relationship was strong amidst all the controversies:

Badshah himself admitted that he is very shy in real life. He told Anupam Kher on his show that Gauri was the very first girl with whom he danced. Before her, he had never asked for any girl's phone number too!

Will you marry me?

SRK is known for his romance, but in the real life, he proposed to Gauri in a rather shabby way. He told that back in the day, he owned a Black Fiat. While he was driving Gauri to her place, he just asked her if she wanted to marry him! To your surprise, Shahrukh didn't even wait for a response; he just drove away after proposing her. Could you believe it?

No honeymoon plans:

The two got married on 25 October 1991. They had their honeymoon on the sets of "Dil Aashna hai"! The fact that Gauri married SRK way before he actually got famous is admiring. She stood by him through his journey to stardom.

Gauri is his biggest Critic

Gauri confessed that she tells her husband whenever he does not do a good job at the movies. According to her, Shakti was one of the worst performances of her husband. She believes that she needs to do this as he needs to know when he is good and when he is not!

Shahrukh's misbelief

The two now have three wonderful children, but there was a time when SRK believed that Gauri would not be able to manage them. He confessed on "Koffee with Karan" that he thought that Gauri would not be a great mother!

Their Children

Their eldest son, Aryan is completing his studies abroad. They even have a wonderful daughter named Suhana. Their youngest son AbRam is 2 years old and will be turning 3 in May!

Love is still in the air:

Shah Rukh Khan explained that the two have now passed the usual age of romance, but there will always be love in the air when the two are around each other!

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