PM Modi Plans to Deposit 15 Lacs in Each Indian’s Account Breaking News Of The Day!

Narendra Damordas Modi is the Fourteenth and current Prime Minister of Republic of India. He is the PM since May 16, 2014. He was the CM of Gujrat between 2001 to 2014. As CM of Gujrat, he gew his state super fast and made it the most developed state in India. Eight now he is the Member of Parliament elected from Varanasi.

PM Modi is completely against Black Money as we know as he has banned 500 and 1000 Notes to curb corruption in India. He had also said earlier that if we bring back all the Black Money looted from India

we can deposit between 15 to 20 Lakhs in every Indians account. After all, its the money looted from our hard working farmers. Listen to PM Modi’s full speech.

We hope he can fulfill this dream of corruption free India as soon as possible. Meanwhile, let us support his drive against black money. PM Modi needs our support to eradicate black money and corruption from India forever.

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