UNSEEN Young Narendra Modi’s Swag Photos Are Going Viral!!

Our PM Narendra Modi is till date the most searched personality in India. He overcame Sunny Leone with swag. His young photos have been put up on social media sites quite recently by his fan clubs and they are going viral because of the swag of PM that you can find in those photos. Not many people know Narendra’s history, most people think that he was the CM of Gujarat. But there are a lot of secrets that one needs to know and the following photos have revealed those secrets is open. Rather than criticism, he is receiving high praises for his lifestyle in the past and he has undergone through highs and lows, good and bad period of life before he became a prominent leader. The man who gave up his family and nears one and even socializing with known faces deserves to go viral for all the right reasons.

One of the rare photos when Narendra joined RSS and his rise just began to get started. He has always been a bold character.

Rare photos of Narendra Modi without beard or mustache. Behind all that, this is the real man.

Do you know that Narendra Modi always sings in Hindi language? He could have done in Gujarati or English but it is his way of showing love of National language.

For those who do not know, officially, Narendra graduated from Delhi University and did post-graduation from Gujarat University.

Narendra Modi loved to travel with his friends in new areas but his financial conditions never really allowed him to travel far from his home as such.

One of the rarest of rare occasions when Narendra Modi and the great Atal Bihari Bajpayee caught dancing in holi.

The opposition now has a photo to accuse him of anything because he is holding a gun in hand!!

The occasions when Narendra Modi took the oath to serve his country at any cost.

This is what you call swag. He can drive bikes and he always had this love to pose in front of camera.

A different look of Narendra Modi in a radio station speaking to people of Gujarat heart to heart.

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