14 Unconventional Pictures Giving A Glimpse Of The Crazy India

There is something in nature and natural photographs that work wonders for your mood. So here we are today with 14 amazing pictures that are sure to curve your lips upwards and make you forget your woes. These are the pictures that went viral this year and we couldn't help sharing them with you all.

This dog loves his bed pretty much!

What a nap!

The best use of a tractor.

They are going right about it.

And finally, the monkey gets a lift.

Enjoy the ride.

OMG! This salon provides some special services

Do you need any?

Dangerous typo!

Funny English, though!

If you believe in reincarnation.

Oh! So, KFC got changed into SFC for locals.


LOL! It happens only in India.

Did you ever think this way?

The elephant's first love

The Indian bride enjoying with an elephant just before her marriage

Oh, please someone tell him the right way to handle babies.

*How does the world seem to you in that position, baby?*

I must say, appreciable creativity.

Good job man.

I'll carry you, baby, don't worry.

What a pair. *laugh*

So, call me, maybe?

And I missed you so bad, baby you should know that. *wink*

Dahi Handi in the local trains of India.

Matki-fod' game, Whoa.

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