Addicted To Biting Your Nails? This Man Lost His Life Because Of It.

Someone once said, ‘bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.’
And there are way too many people who have a habit of biting nails. While some of them are conscious enough to stop it from realizing it’s bad, there are some who continue biting their nails simply because they are aadat se majboor.

Biting nails is not only a sign of anxiety and nervousness but also cause major health problems. It can increase the risk of cold, cough and other illness as you unconsciously put your unwashed hands in your mouth. This habit can also raise the risk of infections around the nails which can lead to serious skin problems. But the problems aren’t restricted only to your skin or minor infections.

John Gardner, a 40-year-old man had this bad habit of biting nails and continued doing it despite doctor’s prohibition. Eventually, it became so serious that it led to a painful septic infection and heart attack.

Despite doctor’s continuous instructions, John continued biting his nails which ruined his fingers and made them insensitive to pain. According to Dr. Vernon, the major causes for this were anxiety and depression. His nails had started bleeding and got so worse that it got a septic infection. No medicines that the doctors suggested worked on him, and thus his fingers were amputated. Unfortunately, John had a heart attack just a few days after his 40th birthday and lost his life.

Well, we hope you have learned a lesson from John’s story. Nail biting is a bad habit and we think you too should stop doing it before it gets too late.

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