Salman Khan Gave Most Valuable Advice To VJ Bani

Bani and Swami Om had a big fight yesterday. In result, Bani started throwing things around the house and continuously used F words. Salman not only gives a piece of his mind to the contestants but also takes their case as and when the need be. This Sunday, Salman will be seen in a little light hearted mood and will be seen advising VJ Bani 
Salman asked her to calm down and gave an important advice.

Salman said he used to have a similar temperament in his younger days but has changed for better now.

Salman also said that his behaviour has resulted in him losing some “important things” in life. Salman went on to say that if he can overcome that particular phase of his life at 50, it won’t be too tough for Bani as she is still in her 20s.

Salman also advised Bani to not abuse and snap at people all the time because it will not just affect her professional life but also her family.

Salman khan asked her to calm down.

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