Bigg Boss 10: After Bani J, Gaurav Chopra gets naughty with Mona Lisa in the bathtub

Yet another hot and sizzling moment is about to be aired on Bigg Boss 10. Mona Lisa and Gaurav Chopra will get in the jacuzzi and get it going. Yep, Gaurav is quite the bath tub guy we gotta say. First there was his intimate scene with Bani J during the task, that was judged by Sunny Leone. And now his jacuzzi scene with Mona Lisa surely got the temperatures soaring inside the Bigg Boss house.

But why did Mona Lisa and Gaurav decide to get inside the jacuzzi all of a sudden? Well, this is the part of this week’s luxury budget task BB democracy task wherein the contestants will be getting some situation and they have to take a decision by selecting one option and the options which gets majority votes will win.

After every buzzer, all the housemates have to gather near the voting panel and will have to choose an option to vote by pressing the button. While this is happening, the contestants are not allowed to discuss their votes and they will just have one minute to vote

. But, there is a twist in the tale. The final decision won’t be taken by the contestants but will made by Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga who are inside the secret room, unknown to their fellow contestants.

So it is during this task, Manu and Priyanka decided that Gaurav and Mona should get inside the jacuzzi.

While all the housemates were hooting when Gaurav and Mona were having their moment in the bathtub (yes, it happened in front of all the contestants), Manu was visibly quite uncomfortable on seeing Mona getting so close to Gaurav. Classic case of khud ke pair pe kulhadi maarna, we say.

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