PICS: Shah Rukh Khan loves to experiment with wigs and how!

A true actor loves to immerse himself in his role, and so deeply that he doesn’t want to be recognised as anyone else but his onscreen character. It is said that Shah Rukh Khan takes no chance — In order to attain the perfect look for his role, he prefers to slip into a wig each time he has to play a certain character. And he does it so seriously it will give any actress a run for her money, especially when it comes to his hair. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Ah! That’s a handsome SRK ageing gracefully!

Whoa! Did someone say makeup can do anything?

This one’s pretty neat.

Shah Rukh Khan looking really old, thanks to his wig!

SRK with a curly haired wig for his look in Ra.One

SRK with an Einstein-esque wig for one of his looks!

Here’s SRK with a wig so seemingly real.

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