This Man Is Searched On Google More Than Salman Khan Why You Can’t Believe It

Salman Khan is the most searched Indian celebrity on the internet according to a survey conducted by Yahoo India. It seems legit that people want to look up about him as he is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood.

But, shockingly a new person has come up about whom people are more intrigued than Salman Khan himself. He is apparently also the most trending person on Youtube too.

It is non other than a Youtuber from Bengal named Alom Boghra. His videos contain songs written exclusively by him. he is the lead hero in his videos and the most shocking thing is the inclusion of very beautiful female counterparts.

The most intriguing thing about this person is that people are giving him such huge fame just to criticise his looks. He may not be good looking at all to fit even in a Television role but what he does is making him richer than many other people on youtube.

He may be a person to be bullied on social media and made fun of, but he is also the person who is gaining a career out of whatever he does. This proves that anyone can become famous by making an effort in what he loves. People! Take some inspiration from this guy.

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