Pretty as a doll Iranian girl - shared as blind kid in fake Whats App viral post in India

A badly written fake post on the plight of a blind girl is going viral on Indian groups of Whats App. It shares the photo of a pretty girl with sparkling eyes and claims that she is blind. Don’t worry, there is hope. Each time you forward it, Whats App will give Rs one for her treatment. So you go, press  the  forward button. In a variant of the message, a shilling is promised instead of a  rupee.

The post is an obvious hoax. The charming girl, Mohammadi Mahdis, is from the Iranian city of Tabriz. A Persian website ran a photo feature on her sometime ago. And some took a photo and turned that into a fake viral post.

Fake viral post

she is blind . if u forwad this picture to the people in your group the, wattsup company has promissed to pay 1 rupee towards her eye treatment. so more u forward she get better treatment.

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