This Is What Riteish And Genelia Deshmukh Have Named Their Newborn Son!

As we all know Riteish & Genelia is the cutest couple in Bollywood: They were great artist, good husband/wife and also a good parents too. Yes, here are going to tell you about Riteish & Genelia’s new born baby.

 As we listen about the Genelia’s second-time pregnancy we are all very happy & excited to see the new face in their family. Not only we are excited even Mr.Father i mean Riteish Deshmukh is also very excited.  So, without making any delay Riteish announced the birth of their second baby on social media in a very unique style.

With this cute picture of Riaan, Riteish wrote:

“Hey guys! My Aai and Baba just gifted me with a little brother. Now all my toys are his…- Love Riaan”.

This has been one of the most adorable announcements so far.

And like first time, this time also Riteish & Genelia used the path of social media to announce the of their newborn baby.

And finally they reveal the name of their newborn baby by posting this image on instagram.

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