11 Facts About Saif And Amrita Singh's Marriage Everyone Should Know!

The moment Saif Ali Khan has stated that he is about to become the father of Kareena's baby, people have started talking about him and his love life with Kareena more. But, somehow many of you still don't know few rare facts about Amrita and Saif's love affair that will make you scratch your head. So, now have a look on them.

The most unlikely pair met on the sets of a Rahul Ruwail film where Saif got enamoured.

Amrita was 12 years older than Saif and so their parents were against the marriage union.

What next? Amrita changed her religion to Islam and the duo got married in October 1991.

Amrita decided to become a housewife and gave up her Bollywood career.

And the marriage lasted for 13 years after which they got divorced in 2004. The reason was- Saif's infidelity.

The couple has two kids- son Ibrahim and daughter Sara.

Saif continued her career back in Bollywood and Amrita performed few roles to maintain her lifestyle.

Amrita demanded obscurity when Saif announced his marriage to Kareena.

The ex-couple are happy about their different lifestyle and unique identities.

The kids Sara and Ibrahim are found really very close to Saif and Kareena.

The children are often seen enjoying and hanging out with their mother and daddy Saif together.

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